SONG OF THE DAY Sorceress – Brother Dragonfly

Formerly known as Funkommunity, Sorceress are an electronic 5-piece from New Zealand who came together in 2011.  Founded by producer/band leader Isaac Aesili and vocalist Rachel Fraser, the creative duo are both well established and well known within the New Zealand music community.  Isaac Aesili’s production provides a diverse and sonically rich soundscape from which the charismatic vocals of Rachel Fraser weave through both light and dark lyrical themes.

In 2014 the band announced their new name, SORCERESS and released their second studio album which came out via Wonder Wheel Recordings, titled ‘Dose’.  With a new name came a new sound and this release saw the band experimenting with elements of Deep Electronic Soul, Afrobeat and Dance music.

Taken from this album comes the vibrant rich textured, bass driven and wonderfully soulful ‘Brother Dragonfly’. Listen above.

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