SONG OF THE DAY Here We Go Magic – Hard To Be Close (Live)

Here We Go Magic are a New York Indie band that formed in Brooklyn after core members Luke Temple, Michael Bloch and Peter Hale came together in 2008.  Originally signed to Western Vinyl the trio expanded to a five-piece by the time they were signed to Secretly Canadian in 2009.

In 2012 the band came to the attention of Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich who, impressed with their Glastonbury performance, went on to produce their third album ‘A Different Ship’.  The album fared extremely well with the critics and received praise from various sources including the New York times who described how it “discreetly shows off the band’s meticulous virtuosity; its patterns are played, not programmed”, whilst in the UK BBC Music had this to say of the release, “played live these songs will metastasise into expansive jams, and will sound great when they do, but here and now they’re sharp, disciplined, and seriously compelling”.

Taken from ‘A Different Ship’ comes today’s song ‘Hard To Be Close’ which was both written and sang by front man Luke Temple. It works as a meditative second track on the record but is even more effective when presented in today’s solo acoustic version.  Listen above.

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