SONG OF THE DAY The Jon Cohen Experimental – Right To Fight

Jon Cohen is a beat driven, ethereal pop, Montreal-based multi instrumentalist whose music has often been described as melodic and insightful.  Cohen has spent the last few years touring, (both solo and in his band), supporting the likes of Brasstronaut, Mini Mansions, (Queens of Stone Age), BloodshotBill, Dropkick Murphys, Khaira Arby and Oneida.  His shows are often packed to the brim with energy and, as a result, have stirred up a buzz from audiences and press alike; all of which is documented on his tour blog.

Part indie-rocker, part experimentalist, part promoter and all adventurer, Jon has been involved with the Montreal music scene for over a decade playing guitar for various bands including the Dears, The Social Register, JF Robitaille, John Lennox and many more.  In 2006 Jon formed his own band after some friends heard his demo’s and convinced him to pursue his own music career and make a record…and this is what he has done ever since!

In the last 24 hours there have been numerous new tracks uploaded onto Jon’s Soundcloud page, their release for download is as of yet unknown but I am in the process of trying to track that info down!

In the meantime feast your ears on the track ‘Right To Fight’, just one of The Jon Cohen Experimental’s freshly uploaded songs.  With its slinky intro, insightful lyrics and laid back rhythm it’s a steady audio treat with a kick!  Listen above.

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