SONG OF THE DAY Son Little – Doctor’s In

Son Little (aka Aaron Livingstone) was born in Los Angeles to parents, a preacher and a teacher, who encouraged him to listen and play music from a young age.  The multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter later moved to New York where sporadic school attendance and extracurricular musical activities took him to Manhattan and Philadelphia, there he began collaborating with other artists and musical acts such as The Roots and RJD2.

Developing his music further and deciding it was time to make his own sound, Aaron Livingstone became Son Little and, with an individual sound heavily influenced by soul, blues and hip-hop, began to recombine all of these elements into his songwriting and instrumental compositions.

Last November saw the release of his first and highly praised EP, ‘Things I Forgot’, (check out my blog feature of ‘The River’ on 7th Nov), which finely demonstrated his ability to skillfully mix genres and compose intricate and well thought out songs.  Since then he has had a busy year, touring with the likes of Kelis and Mumford and Sons, whilst also working with r&b gospel legend Mavis Staples, (also signed to Anti Records), who spoke about her work with Son Little in a press release stating,

“I’m always excited to do new songs and this young man wrote two just for me. Seemed like we were a team made in heaven. He writes from his heart; he’s a great singer who sings from his heart, and he reached my heart. I’m so glad we got to work together. The whole experience right down to the finished product was just extraordinary.”

Son Little’s self-titled debut is released today via Anti-Records which features first single ‘Lay Down’ and today’s song of the day ‘Doctor’s In’ – Listen above

First impressions of the album are looking good, with all 12 tracks a careful blend of synthesized blues and soul, tuneful heartfelt lyrics and a strong individual edge.

Grab your copy here

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