SONG OF THE DAY Father John Misty – This Is Sally Hatchet

Joshua Tillman, aka Father John Misty is a singer-songwriter, guitarist, drummer and, up until the last few days, an artist that I have never taken enough time to get familiar with.  There is no real reason for this, I loved Fleet Foxes and appreciate a good drummer when I hear one, so it’s nothing more than a little overlooking on my part.  Tonight I am going to see him play so I thought I’d spend a few days getting familiar with his music.

One song that really stood out, and just in time for Halloween, is the bloodthirsty ‘This Is Sally Hatchet’; the video alone is right up my street with enough gore to put you off pizza’s forever, watch and you will see!  Lyrically its effective, ‘I’ve got smoke in my lungs and a past life in the trunk,’ whilst the juicy helping of pentagram sliced pizza’s and side garnish of fingers is enough to keep anyone transfixed to the pain, purgatory and pizza-filled visuals…let’s just say you may never look at a pizza the same again after this..make mine a vegetarian special!

Father John Misty’s debut album ‘Fear Fun’, (the first release as Father John Misty that is), was released via Sub Pop in 2012 and features today’s song, ‘This Is Sally Hatchet’.  Listen above.


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