SONG OF THE DAY Growlers – Empty Bones

In preparation for our Halloween frivolities tomorrow evening I have been enjoying some spooky-time music sessions and couldn’t resist featuring this interesting combination of music and video that I discovered a couple of years back.  Who would have thought the visuals of Walt Disney’s 1929 animation, ‘The Skeleton Dance’ would go so well with The Growlers 2009 track, ‘Empty Bones’…well, somebody did because this video has been knocking about on Youtube for a while now and never ceases to entertain.

The Growlers released their debut album ‘Are You In or Out’ via Everloving Records in 2009 and have been creating heavy doses of psychedelic fuzzed-out, beach Goth, garage rock ever since, it’s fantastic! Taken from their first album comes today’s song, ‘Empty Bones’ which is perfect for any Hallows Eve, Eve evening! Listen and watch above.

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