SONG OF THE DAY Wildhood – Double Dark

Is it a mere coincidence that this rather sultry and sinister song came out just a day before Halloween?  Going by the video, I would say that the lip syncing, doll decapitating, and rather possessed-looking child in this video is nothing short of a Halloween nightmare, filmed in what could be compared to a Paranormal Activity-esque style.  (watch the video below)

“You wanna know when the trouble starts, when your double dark, when your double dark” growls the London/Brighton-based artist in his brand new and hauntingly fantastic second single, ‘Double Dark’.  Describing Wildhood as a “project birthed from rebellion”, it would seem that freedom drives this outfit, “We go into the studio and make what we want. We love all sorts of music. We like poetry, Radiohead, and ginger biscuits. My name’s Jordan, but in this band I’d like to be called Ian Sympathy.”

Debut track ‘Psycho Jam’, was released earlier this Summer and danced happily around jumpy, bluesy riffs, whilst lyrically it had darker undertones which coaxed you into obscurity before you know what’s hit you, whereas second single ‘Double Dark’ is a lot less subtle.  Beginning ominously it continues with a feel of looming tension throughout; but don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying this like it’s a bad thing.  On the contrary, this song has the power to deliver on a deeper level with it’s haunting, haunted melody that ever so slowly sinks into the skin and, as it begins to crawl beneath the surface, you will feel every word.

There is a powerful draw in the different and Wildhood emanates more than it’s fair share of uniqueness.

Check out Wildhood’s Soundcloud page here

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