SONG OF THE DAY Ben Prestage – One Crow Murder

Picture 1It’s easy to see why Ben Prestage and Seasick Steve have been compared to each other over the years. Casting aside the obvious visual attributes, their sound stems from the same blues origins.  Learning much from North Mississippi hill country blues masters such as Junior Kimbrough and R.L Burnside, both Seasick and Prestage like to play the 3-string diddley-bow type cigar box guitars.

Ben Prestage’s musical background goes back generations, beginning with his great-grandmother who was a Vaudeville musician, touring with Al Jolson whilst also participating in medicine shows.  Her daughter was a Boogie-Woogie pianist and, on the other side of the family, Ben’s grandfather shared with him his love for the sound and culture of Mississippi and Blues; in so many ways Ben has been soaked in Blues tradition and Mississippi culture since birth.

Growing up in the swamps of south central Florida, the singer-songwriter began to mix Mississippi Country Blues with his own brand of Florida Swamp Blues in a Muddy Waters-meets-back-water blend, and this has taken him touring all over America.

Today’s song is simply awesome, I can’t really explain it any other way.  The intro alone is a blissful acoustic treat, darting frantically between the loud and dramatic, to the controlled and steady, instantly hooking you into its tuneful (1 min 20) spell….and just you wait until the vocals kick in..I shall say no more….

Taken from his 2011 self-released album of the same name comes the mighty, swamp blues track ‘One Crow Murder’…. Listen above and check out Ben’s site here



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