SONG OF THE DAY Oyster Kids – Creepy

Released only a few weeks ago and already tolling up over 80k plays on Soundcloud comes the debut single from the LA-based Oyster Kids.  Emerging from out of nowhere with their spooky dream-pop single ‘Creepy’, the mysterious duo have weaved their magic with their weightless and rather appealing alchemy.

‘Creepy’ is about those days when you feel like your just going through the motions,” they explained, “Hiding our emotions and putting on this facade just to get through the day. ‘Creepy’ is about the person under the mask. When nobodies looking, are you creepy?”.. Well, I may not be creepy but I can definitely relate to this zombiefied, robotic state that possesses us when we float into auto pilot mode, perhaps its something we can all see in ourselves?

Find them on Bandcamp and Soundcloud and be sure to check out more of this hoodoo voodoo on the bands web page here

It’s all about the Mummy-madness, check out their video below:

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