SONG OF THE DAY DJ Format and Abdominal – Reflective Meditation Rhymes

DJ-FORMAT-ABDOMINAL-REUNION-TOURFor me this is a new discovery but these artists have been making great sounds for over a decade!

Andy Bernstein, aka Abdominal, originates from Toronto, Canada and is a hip hop/ rap artist who has been releasing music since the late 90’s.  Soon after he emerged his work began attracting attention from other artists, one of which was his now long time collaborator, Matt Ford.  Better known as DJ Format, Ford is a UK-based hip hop DJ who released his debut ‘Music For the Mature B-Boy’ in 2003, and it was at this point that he also began working with Abdominal, whose rapping became a particular stand-out feature on this album.

Since then the pair haven’t looked back and, with a string of successes trailing behind them, were soon hit by national attention after touring with the likes of Jurassic 5 and DJ Shadow; later in 2005 their second LP ‘If You Can’t Join Em…Beat Em’ also reached the top 10 of the UK Indie albums chart.

Just in time for their 10 year anniversary UK tour that starts Thursday 5 November in Manchester, DJ Format and Abdominal have unveiled two new songs entitled “We Say” and “Reflective Meditation Rhymes’ (this being today’s song which you can listen to above.)  Both tracks really grabbed my attention are just what I love about hip hop: lots of free flowing, rhythmic rap and funk-fuelled beats.

Both songs were released on November 3 and are available for download on their bandcamp page here

If you want to catch them on tour,  DJ Format and Abdominal are currently playing 16 dates throughout the UK and the last few tickets can be purchased here.


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