SONG OF THE DAY Jai Pyne – Papa Claps


tumblr_nxhhtdGhxq1qzytqgo1_1280So, I’m really rather chuffed to have stumbled upon this dynamic artist today, it was one of instant ear-grabbing moments when I caught his brand new single playing earlier.

Jai Pyne is an Australian artist who began his music career back in 2005 fronting the Sydney garage-punk and soul band, The Paper Scissors.  In 2013 the artist found himself close to burnout, also suffering from general music inertia, so decided to take some time off to gather his depleted energies.  He used this time and space to discover new music, to surf and even started a cafe!

This restorative interval proved to be just the thing needed to kick-start his passion and creativity once more and it wasn’t long before Jai had set himself a new musical challenge: to record and upload a brand new track onto Soundcloud every month throughout 2014. Limitless and without boundaries, these songs became an expressive concoction of styles and genres, free-flowing and fearless, flitting between weirdo disco, lo-fi soul, hip hop, bass music and pop.  Reigniting his passion for making music, Jai was once again inspired to create a sound, one that resonated within himself, and so ‘Jaisus’ was born.

Released today on his very own label Turk Town Records, ‘Jaisus’ is his new six track EP which revisits Jai’s roots as a maker of lo-fi bedroom music, also providing us with a glimpse of the new sounds and ideas that are yet to come.

The EP’s lead single ‘Papa Claps’ (listen above) is a tuneful and upbeat song which touches upon the personal strife Jai experienced as a songwriterwith the lines,“I suppose I should write something down this time” and “I’m naked I’m stripped of all the good things all the good things in my head” exposing his inner battles.  It is also a song of reflection, sadness and lost memories, but is also a record of hope as it from this comeback that we get to appreciate Jai’s growth as a songwriter and musician.

Available now and definitely worth downloading, grab your copy of Jaisus from here

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