SONG OF THE DAY Darondo – The Wolf

DarondominiAnybody already familiar with William Daron Pulliam, aka Darondo, will no doubt appreciate his fine soul and funk sound; for anybody who is about to discover this relatively unknown artist, I hope you will agree that his music is a sweet treat to the ears?

Originating from San Francisco and born in 1946, Darondo performed throughout the 1970’s, his music still held in high regard today from lovers of the soul genre.

Releasing just three singles in the early 70’s, Darondo mixed low-rider soul with blues and R&B with a sound described by the man himself as, “a little bit of everything, there’s a little jazz and a little soul, I got Latin flavour in me so there’s some Latin in it too”. 

With his career in full motion Darondo had begun opening shows for the likes of James Brown, but after the release of just three 45’s he decided to stop recording.  According to his biography on the funk and rare groove label Ubiquity records, Darondo claimed his reasons for this “..was mostly me, I was just having a good time with a real good hobby, it wasn’t about money but about having fun. Something I just liked to do. Maybe your dream is to be a James Brown or Frank Sinatra but those were just mostly dreams to me.” 

It’s a crying shame that Darondo gave up recording so early on in what promised to be a fruitful career, but what he did release is a credit to this rare artist.  His classic sound has more recently received well deserved attention thanks to Radio 1’s Gilles Peterson playing his 1973 single, “Didn’t I” on his show, (a fantastic track which was also featured in Breaking Bad!).  Today’s song was released in 1972 and is titled ‘The Wolf’, listen above.


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