SONG OF THE DAY Tim Buckley – Devil Eyes


Man I wish Mr Buckley made more music like this!  There has always been a divide for me with Tim Buckley’s sound, my preferences forever steering towards his more lively stuff, to songs where his voice was properly and soaringly unleashed, his heart howling out through his remarkable and unique voice.

Buckley’s untimely death at the age of just 28 cut short a music career that had spanned out for nearly 10 years prior to that. Beginning in 1966 with a folk sound and evolving over time, he began incorporating jazz, psychedelia, funk and soul to his sound; and it does make you wonder where he would’ve gone had he not lost his life to heroin.

Today’s song comes from what has been described as his ‘Sex-Funk’ period, a time where he disbanded his Starsailor ensemble and assembled a new funk band.  Three albums came from this period: Greetings From L.A, Sefronia and look at the Fool, Greetings From L.A being one of my favourites – definitely check out ‘Sweet Surrender’ and ‘Get On Top’ if you haven’t alredy!

Taken from this album is the great ‘Devil Eyes’ which you can listen to above…


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