SONG OF THE DAY Hidden Charms – Love You ‘Cause You’re There

Hidden Charms Photo by Carsten Windhorst /

I certainly ‘Love You ‘Cause Your There’ oh very good song from Hidden Charms, what a bonus it was stumbling upon you today!  So much so I’ve continued to stumble, falling right into the giving arms of your rather marvellous previous works, and they do not disappoint! How is it I have not heard of Hidden Charms until today?

Originating from London, this young 4-piece emerged with the sound and soulful tones of yesteryear’s leaping from their music, riding the Beat sounds of the early 60’s whilst coupling this nostalgic edge with lyrics based on the modern world around them, it’s a perfect combination.  Growing up listening to the early blues greats such as Muddy Waters and Howlin Wolf, it’s no wonder that they have managed to recreate this blues rock so well, this influence has been coursing through their veins from a very early age.

Their first single ‘Sunny Side’ was produced by San Francisco’s R&B king, Nick Waterhouse who, impressed with their sound, later went on to say, “I just don’t work with anybody but they have a pretty amazing, truly rhythm and blues approach to playing that has an amazing energy to it.”….yes, indeed, their energy is definitely infectious, Nick Waterhouse’s input is also fantastically easy to detect..

With a new single due out tomorrow, have the band altered their tone slightly?  The great new track ‘Love You ‘Cause You’re There’ has a slight shift in its orientation, with an emphasis on a more heavy blues-rock sound; edging towards early Black Keys even? Either way this new song maintains the exceedingly high musical standard set by this young band and is certainly a welcome visitor to my ears.

Available tomorrow via B3SCI Records be sure grab your copy of ‘Love You ‘Cause You’re There’ from their Bandcamp page here

Check out their Soundcloud page and follow them here


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