SONG OF THE DAY Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – Clean Slate

rollingblackoutscfGoing by the rather lengthy name of Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever (or Rolling Blackouts C.F if you fancy a less tongue-twisting version), this rowdy rabble emerged from Melbourne, Australia in 2014 after a cold pizza and random bedroom jam session brought this interesting five-piece together.

The bands five members are made up of brothers Tom (guitar and vocals) and Joe R (bass), cousins Joe W (guitar and vocals) and Fran (guitar and vocals) and flatmate Marcel (drums), all of whom have been described on their press page as “masters of tough pop/soft punk rock,” their sound is certainly defined by a very upbeat and lively fusion of buoyant pop and surf rock.

Taken from their debut EP ‘Talk Tight,’ which was released via Ivy League this October, comes today’s song ‘Clean Slate’.  It’s a track brimming with enough energy to propel one to the moon and back and, with shared lead vocals bouncing off each other in a swift call-and-response style, coupled with a hefty helping of tuneful guitars riffs, it’s a song that will clean your slate of all the day’s stresses if you let its positive vibe wash over you.

Grab your copy of ‘Talk Tight’ here



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