SONG OF THE DAY Tricky – Driving Away


Producer-vocalist and Trip Hop pioneer Tricky has just announced the release date of the self-titled debut by Skilled Mechanics, a project that joins the Bristol legend with DJ Milo, Luke Harris and a handful of vocal collaborators.

This is to be Tricky’s 10th album since the monumental release of his debut ‘Maxinquaye’ back in 1995, and what makes this new venture particularly interesting is that shares the great sinister and ominous feel of ‘Maxinquaye’, which is a form I greatly welcome!

Taken from his forthcoming release comes the single ‘Driving Away’ which you can listen to above.

Notes on the track, taken from Tricky’s soundcloud page:

”Diving Away’ is a version of ‘Porpoise Head’ by Porno For Pyros. I toured with them in Australia in 1996. My daughter Mazy, who was about four years of age, was with us and she had frontman Perry Farrell wrapped round her little finger. He took all of us to Sealand in Australia. So there was me and Porno For Pyros all trying to get her pram onto the Australian metro. But how many big artists would do something beautiful like that? I think it speaks volumes about him. So I’ve got a lot of love for Perry Farrell and I’ve always wanted to cover one of his songs.”

Tricky’s self-titled album will be released on January 22nd via his own False Idols imprint




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