SONG OF THE DAY Beach For Tiger – Coco

12096431_891595577591407_8353757046410987667_nLooking out of my window into the fields beyond, all is looking rather grey, the clouds are gathering once more in their dark formations as rain fast approaches; what could possibly save me from the gloom?  Well, I shall despair no more for I have found just the thing to rid my day of its bleakness, and this little bag of sunshine goes by the name of Beach For Tiger.

Emerging with their sun kissed psych-pop sound, Beach For Tiger are a London-based five-piece who originally hail from Essex.  Launching their debut single ‘Coco’ just last month, this outfit are spreading their summery feel in a dreamy kaleidoscopic 60’s-inspired haze of tuneful, reverbed guitar riffs and light, airy vocals.  Listen above

Keep a close eye out for more to follow on their Soundcloud page here



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