SONG OF THE DAY Bert Jansch – The Mountain Streams

jansch_2019055bWith a musical career spanning over several decades it’s great to discover that even 30 years down the line Bert Jansch’s music was every bit as fantastic in 1990 as it was back in the mid 60’s when he first emerged.

Often viewed as a folk hero from yesteryear, today’s song proves that the Scottish artist was unfaltering in his creativity, continuing to record right up until 2011 he remained an important voice in contemporary folk.

‘The Ornament Tree’ was released in 1990 and was to be Bert Jansch’s eighteenth studio album, this is where today’s song can be found.  Titled ‘The Mountain Streams’, this track is an evocative trip into the wilderness where the mountains, streams and heather capture the mysterious love of two strangers as their meetings are tracked across the seasons.  With delicate guitar picking and rich vocals, the wild landscapes flow through this music, the trickling mountain streams reflected in the plucked chords..listen above.



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