SONG OF THE DAY King N’gom – Viva Marvillas

a2179852124_10Analog Africa are a German label specialising in raw, funky and psychedelic tropical sounds from Africa and Latin America from the 60’s and 70’s.  Their latest release is a energised compilation titled “Senegal 70 – Sonic Gems & Previously Unreleased Recordings from the 70’s,” and is a wondrous 12 track album brimming with a vibrant and energised selection of Senegalese music spanning over two decades starting from the 60’s.

Four years in the making Analog Africa proudly present an album that offers up an insight into the musical adventures that were taking place in the major Senegalese cities during the 60’s and 70’s, reflecting the unique fusions of Funk, Mbalax, Cuban Son and Mandigue guitar sounds that transformed Dakar into West Africa’s most vibrant city.

How did Cuban music reach the most Western point of Africa I hear you say, I asked the same question in fact!  Senegal was rapidly transforming into a musical melting pot after sailors from Cuba and America travelled over, bringing with them Son Montuno from Cuba, Jazz from New Orleans and American soul tunes: sounds that were swiftly embraced and adopted by urban dance bands and intuitively merged with local music styles.

I find it totally fascinating how music evolves, travels and intertwines, the merging of cultures and sounds all captured in a fusion of cross-over experimentation, this compilation is a dazzling example of this unification and it was hard to draw out one song to share for today!

In the end I have gone for a track called ‘Viva Marvillas’ by King N’gom, a Senegalese artist who began his career at the end of the sixties.  Listen above.

I have to say that this whole album was impossible to turn off once I got started with it, it’s lively, inspiriting and has taught me a thing or two in the process.  The album is available now and can be found here. 


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