SONG OF THE DAY Cate Le Bon – Burn Until the End


Welsh-born Cate Le Bon now resides in Los Angeles, relishing in the success that her original singer-songwriter folk creations have brought her.  Capturing her first real taste of public attention in 2007 when supporting Gruff Rhys (Super Furry Animals) on his solo UK tour, she later went onto release her debut album ‘Me Oh My’ on Rhys’ very own label.

Compared to the likes of Nico, her musical style leans towards that of the Velvet Underground and, to add many authentic and quirky facets, Cate Le Bon also sings in two languages,sometimes flipping back to her native tongue mid-song!

Today’s song comes from first album ‘Me Oh My,’ (which had originally started out with the name ‘Pet Deaths, referring to Le Bon’s experiences with the subject).  Released in 2009 there are several stand-out tracks on this great LP, but the one I have chosen for today’s song is titled ‘Burn Until The End.’  For me this exhibits perfectly her curious and alluring song writing qualities, reflecting wonderfully the ability she has to pull out the unexpected; the way that this track starts and finishes demonstrates this nicely.  Vocally she is so very distinct, her crystal clear vocals a stand out feature that makes her instantly recognisable. Listen above.

Discover more on her website here

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