SONG OF THE DAY Youth Lagoon – I’ve Seen


Trevor Powers, aka Youth Lagoon is an Idaho-based musician who specialises in Dream pop, lo fi, neo-psychedelia and psych-pop.  His debut album was released via Fat Possum Records in 2011 and, not entirely a light and airy affair, was a record that explored many complex themes including psychological anxiety and depression.  Musically,however, this album was light and minimal, blending hypnotic and atmospheric electronica.

By the time Powers released his second album in 2013 (also by Fat Possum), he had became increasingly intrigued with the metaphysical universe and began creating music that blended this interesting element with pop music.  His self-exploration had began to shape his sound and this became the driving force behind all of his work.

Youth Lagoon’s third album ‘Savage Hills Ballroom’ was released in 2015 and, as described on his profile page, is an album “rooted in discomfort, rather than avoiding it”.  The record consisted of 10 tracks, but not every song recorded during the album sessions in Bristol, UK made it onto the final release.  A few days ago, Powers revealed a new, non-album track titled, ‘I’ve Seen’ and, at a lengthy seven minutes long was delivered alongside a descriptive breakdown of the song as described by the man himself:

“Throughout the months I worked on Savage Hills Ballroom, I became possessed by a concept. If we had the ability to accept our blemishes, seeing that it’s our fuck ups & flaws that make us distinct & force us to advance as individuals & as a society, we could start understanding each other. The world swims in judgement. It makes us feel good to think someone else is worse than us. We’re born into this mindset – & much of it is rooted in self-loathing rather than merely learning from our weaknesses. We bury who we really are because we don’t think anyone will accept us. SHB is grounded in satire. It is a microcosm of a perfect society, decorated in gold & elegance to serve as a mockery of how we present ourselves to those around us. I wrote I’ve Seen as a farewell song to this ballroom..just gonna stay a while longer. See you outside. +++ WASTING 4 U +++.” Trevor Powers

…you are certainly a very interesting man Trevor Powers!…..


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