SONG OF THE DAY World Champion – Tip Pit

world-champion-avocado-galaxy-EP (1)Who needs gravity when you can float high on the breeze of a weightless tune like this!

World Champion are a Sydney two-piece consisting of Julian Sudek (founding member of Mercy arms) and Will Campion, a bedroom producer who has also played in various Sydney bands such as Cut Silk and The Chevaliers.

Signed to Australian Indie label ‘Future Classic,’ the duo have joined the likes of artists such as Chet Faker, Flume and Jagwar Ma, releasing their debut EP titled ‘Avacado Galaxy’ on December 4.

Taken from this EP comes today’s song ‘Tip Pit’ which, as described by World Champion, is “one of the first songs we ever wrote together. It’s about sitting face to face with someone you used to admire and then looking a little closer and realising that all they have is smoke and mirrors.” Listen above.

Grab your copy of their EP from here

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