SONG OF THE DAY (ALBUM FOR THE WEEK) Nicola Cruz – Prender el Alma

As of tomorrow The Listening Post Blog will be going offline for a few days to take a short break, but fear not, I shall be back by the weekend with plenty more songs to share, oh yes!

In these few days I will be heading to the mountains and couldn’t think of a better and more apt collection of songs to leave you with than Nicola Cruz’s debut album ‘Prender el Alma.’  When translated this title means ‘ignite the soul,’ and this enchanting LP does exactly that, from start to finish this musical transcendental journey is utterly captivating.

I urge you lock yourself away and listen to the album in its entirety, do not shuffle or select a particular song, listen to it all the way through.  If music could had the power to literally transport you, this album would deliver you into the mountains in a second.

main_img_26Originating amidst the still and majestic mountains of Ecuador before transforming into digital modernity, ‘Prender el Alma’  is a story of unity and how the two elements came to be fused together through music and sound.

Pioneering the digital revolution that is rapidly spreading throughout Latin America is the Ecuadorian producer Nicola Cruz who, eager to explore the ancient folkloric traditions of his homeland in a modern setting, blends electronic experimentation with traditional local  rhythms and sounds.  It’s a process that Nicola Cruz has learnt to perfect with a respectful understanding of its origins, gained only by extensive travel, investigation and exploration.

“Ecuador is ‘a small place full of natural spaces”, appreciates Cruz whose music recreates this sense of beauty and expanse within its percussive rhythms and electronic beats; bringing the mystic sound of the mountains to a new digital audience.

Nicola Cruz released his self-produced debut album ‘Prender el Alma’ was on October 30 this year via ZZK Records  , I immediately bought it and fell in love with it.  No matter where I am when I listen to this album, I’m immediately transported into the mountains, each track instilling a sense of freedom and escape, space and calm; I am totally peaced out by its delicate charm!

Check out the whole album above, I hope that you enjoy it as much as me, if you do you can grab your copy here. ..

See you on the 19th December! xx

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