SONG OF THE DAY / CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN! The Maccabees – Walking In The Air

hqdefaultWell, this little gem of a song presented itself just in time for the Christmas week countdown! With just four days to go I couldn’t let the winter solstice and Yule time approach without a hint of a festive tune or two, and who would have thought that the Maccabees would not only cover this wintertime classic, but completely revamp it and, (for want of a better expression), make it entirely their own!

This is a band whose name was picked with a random flick through the bible one day, a band who adopted a name with religious connotations but none of whom are actually religious, but it all ties in perfectly with Christmastide.  Taking the heartwarming and beautiful song from The Snowman (originally composed by Howard Blake and performed by Peter Auty), The Maccabees have given it a completely new and haunting edge, it is simply fantastic!

This cover was performed for On Track with Seat (watch the video above) and was released in 2010 – grab your copy on itunes here

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