SONG OF THE DAY The Go – Dirty Room

R-4245142-1359871581-9947.jpegBoom Boom! This certainly shakes your room, and anything else you wish to jiggle for that matter!  What a great song and what a lot of funky bass-driven energy, all packed into four minutes of fun and frolics!

The Go are a Detroit band who have been creating their own blend of Garage Rock since the late 90’s, with Jack White even making a brief appearance in the middle of ’98 before he left to focus on the early stages of the White Stripes.  Since then the band have seen many members come and go with Robert ‘Bobby’ Harlow (vocals), John Krautner (guitar,bass), Marc Fellis (drums) and James McConnell (lead guitar) the only constants from the start.

In 2012 Burger Records got together with the band to produce a double LP album titled ‘Fiesta’ which is now in the process of being released in a brand new cassette version due out on August 1st this year.  Ahead of this release comes today’s super skanking ‘Dirty Room.’  Listen above and pre-order from here


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