SONG OF THE DAY Anima! – Silver Screen

10561761_1631716287066096_3910638468582107536_nI really love Anima!  They are one of those bands that I’ve totally fallen for.  I love their sound and can pretty much bank on liking whatever they put out, that’s the way it’s been so far and I don’t anticipate that changing any time soon.

With their debut album due on the 12th of this month, I can’t wait to get it and was rather pleased to discover that the Californian duo have just shared a new song on their Soundcloud page, this is to be the last single before their album release and is titled ‘Silver Screen.’

True to their evolving sound this track has an inspiriting and upbeat feel about it, with the sunshiny vocals of Arielle Vakni beaming out over Vicente Espi’s cool, clean production; it illuminates the senses and cheers the soul.  Expressive and meaningful there is always a message to their music with ‘Silver Screen’ describing how, ‘We can choose what we see on the silver screen, we don’t need this , turn it off, we won’t eat all the lies they feed, watch what frees us,’ I hear what you are saying Anima!… Listen above.

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Listen to more on their Soundcloud page here and follow them on Twitter and Facebook



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