SONG OF THE DAY Hoodlem – Old Friend

945669_391287874310100_984128556_nThere is an air of mystery surrounding Hoodlem and it would seem that there is a deliberate reason for this.  From what I can gather they are happy to keep a low profile, allowing the music to speak for itself; and speak it does, it positively sings out!

If you check out their website there isn’t much given away there either, it simply describes the Melbourne duo as ‘an anonymous project blending pulsing experimental beats, soulful vocals and crisp production.’  I like the idea of mystery, it only adds to the enticement and so far, a year down the line, they have remained incognito.

Their music has been branded as a fusion of Hip Hop, Pop and Electronic.  One thing for sure is that they are instantly likable with a catchy smooth and sultry sound. So, it is without further ado that I present today’s song ‘Old Friend’ which was released in March 2014. Listen above…Meanwhile I’m off to see if I can track down anymore info and will leave you with a link to their Soundcloud page




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