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11206951_1289849861034302_3915658361962963401_nEvan Geesman was born and raised in Santa Ana, CA and has been writing and recording songs since his early teens.  His ever-evolving musical creations originated from early 4-track folk recordings, extending to his more recent electronic collaborations; each project showcasing his unique style whilst firmly establishing him as both a singer/songwriter and electronic producer.

Evan’s previous works have been known to cross over several genres, whilst his new and forthcoming album ‘Coils’ is more rooted, dwelling in the more natural and heavy electronic realms of his songwriting depths.  Many of the songs recorded over the last year began as guitar compositions, all of which have now been carefully recreated electronically.

When asked to describe the album’s underlying theme he has described on his Bandcamp page, “how suffocating life in the modern world can be with the internet, TV, technology and the increasingly overwhelming speed of communication. Using music as a medium to convey this accurate yet unfortunate depiction of living in modernity, Coils doesn’t succumb to the dourness, it finds a way to remind those who listen that life can be softer”

“Stalks” features on Evan Geesman’s brand new album, Coils, due for release on January 22 via Ubiquity Records. Pre-order it here.

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