SONG OF THE DAY Mal Devisa – Burnt

0002538051_10When this song caught my attention this morning I was completely absorbed by its abundant raw energy, simple stripped back structure and, more importantly, the impressively rich, potent and powerful vocals.  It’s all about the voice, layers and layers of strong, soulful vocals and it is this stunning feature that truly defines this young artist who is barely 20 years old.

Deja Carr, aka Mal Devisa is a young singer-songwriter and talented multi-instrumentalist (bass guitar, saxophone) from Northampton, Massachusetts.  Her music comes together from the clever use of layering and loops, whilst her songs are structured around effortless bass guitar melodies, beautiful musical textures and honest lyrics.

If it seems a little unconventional to play with just an electric bass as accompaniment it is because, as Deja Carr explains, “I’ve played bass for less than a year. … I was like, I need to start a solo project and I can’t play guitar. I cannot do it. My friend gave me a bass, and I was like, I guess I can make long sustained notes and sing over it. And it was like, ‘Dooo,’ a little bit of singing and then ‘Dooo.’ It was pretty bad.” It completely works though, adding a deeper dynamic dimension to her soul-filled songs.

Today’s song appears on her 2014 album ‘4U’ which was released last May.  Listen to more and purchase your copy here

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