SONG OF THE DAY Posse – Voices

0002949390_10Seattle 3-piece Posse have followed up their 2014 album ‘Soft Opening’ with a brand new Limited edition 7″ titled ‘Perfect H’.  Due out on February 26, if this floats your boat I’d say that its worth orderinig sooner rather than later as there are only limited amount available.

What particularly sailed my ship, however, is the B-side to this single titled ‘Voices,’ all slinky six and a half minutes of it are intriguingly beautiful.  Beginning with just a snare drum and tom, the intro slowly begins to mingle with a laid back rhythm, layers of guitars and hushed vocals, unfolding with a subtley hostile edge from beyond a haunting melody.

Words from Posse – “You’re on the phone: the person on the other end is talking. You hear a voice, you hear voices: from behind you, around you. Reminiscent of people, places, things, stuff you cared about, stuff you never gave a shit about. Listening now, barely audible over the noise coming through the receiver, you feel connections you can’t quite articulate: the colors of time, gradients, cycles, trees, boundaries, nothingness. What’s that? Someone is trying to get your attention. On the receiver, the other end of the line: sounds like you? Maybe? They’re trying to get you to stop talking. They’re saying they hear voices. You want to hang up, but the phone is not a phone. The phone is a switch. You throw the switch, the lights go out, and you’re left in the darkness, alone.”

‘Voices’ is the B-Side of the Perfect H 7″ available for pre-order here –…sse-perfect-h-7

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