SONG OF THE DAY Kaviar Special – Highway

0001989540_10If, like me, you are into all things psychedelic, then be sure to check out the French label Howlin’ Banana Records.  Establishing themselves back in 2011, Howlin’ Banana are based in Paris and specialise in the releases of garage, pop and psych.

No stranger to The Listening Post Blog, previous Howlin’ Banana features include bands such as the Madcaps and Baston, whilst today I am going to talk about Kaviar Special.

Kaviar Special are a four-piece from Rennes, France whose Lo-Fi sound is a mix of Garage, Power Pop and Flower Punk, (their artwork is pretty funky too!).  Releasing their debut LP in the summer of 2013, the band are due to release their second album this year!  Equipped with a strong DIY approach, their sound combines nostalgic garage pop with elements of punk and psych rock..nice!

Today’s golden nugget is titled ‘Highway’ and is accompanied by an utterly sci-fi-tastic video, packed full of psychedelic fuzz guitars, outer worldly beings and heavy cosmic melodies, beam me up!!  Watch above!

This song can be tracked down on Kaviar Special’s Bandcamp page here, but is also going to feature on their new album due out early this April .

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