SONG OF THE DAY Mangelwurzel – I.O.U

mangelFor Melbourne-based 6-piece Mangelwurzel the art of unpredictability is as prominent a feature as their outstanding ability to concoct sounds that fuse together just about any musical style of their choice.

It would seem that no genre is safe from the experimental clutches of this band, with blends of ska, post-punk, jazz, math rock and blues thrown together, dissected and then reassembled in their very own unique mix; it’s a marvel!  Their unique approach to music also keeps you guessing, one minute you could humming along to something that resembles another song, whilst the next you thrown off onto a seemingly random tangent.

This is what gives them a defined and unmistakable edge and this is something that quite evidently is created both seamlessly and effortlessly.  The best part of this whole post is that I get to tell you about the independent release of their long-awaited debut LP ‘Gary’ which, if you didn’t already know, is due on February 26.  Along with this comes their latest single (and today’s song of the day), ‘I.O.U.’  Lead singer Cosima Jaala’s vocals are striking, the offbeat rhythms completely funky and the whole experience a total delight.  Listen above.    

The band have also announced some tour dates which you can find on their page here



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