SONG OF THE DAY Astronauts – Civil Engineer

Photos are courtesy of Lee Laycock

Featured photo is courtesy of Lee Laycock

Dan Carney, aka Astronauts, emerged in the summer of 2014 with a sound that unmistakably defines him.  His music is reflective, dreamy and often described as otherworldly which, if you are familiar with his debut album ‘Hollow Ponds,’ you will no doubt agree.

With clarity and an eye for detail, Dan Carney writes from a place that is personal, bringing inward thoughts and imagery out through bubbling melodies, organic drum beats and rustic vocal harmonies, whilst atmospheric song structures pivot delicately around an open-tuned acoustic guitar.

Following the success of ‘Hollow Ponds’ Carney spent a lot of last year touring the UK and Europe whilst also working on its follow-up ‘End Codes,’ which is due out sometime in April.

Ahead of its release comes first single ‘Civil Engineer’ which, as described on a press release ‘tells the tale of an ‘architectural legacy ultimately tainted by an unidentified transgression. File under “lyrical subjects which shouldn’t really work on paper, but…” ..but it does work so don’t be put off by the seemingly heavy subject matter because this track only proves that no matter what Dan Carney chooses to write about, it’s all about his expression and delicate soundscapes that undeniably sucks you in..

Read more about Astronauts debut album (with interview) on my post here

‘Civil Engineer’ is due out on February 19 via Lo Recordings – Listen to more on Astronauts Soundcloud page here


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