SONG OF THE DAY The Doors – Moonlight Drive

maxresdefaultToday’s post is all about a little self indulgence…I mean, if you can’t play your favourite music on your birthday, when can you!  Not only that, it’s a full moon tonight so I couldn’t resist incorporating this lunar connection to my song choice of the day.

So, imagine it’s a hot July day on Venice beach in the summer of 1965, two ULCA acquaintances Ray Manzarek and Jim Morrison meet and the topic of music and songwriting is brought up.

Jim is asked to sing the a few words from one of the songs he has been working on and the lines, ‘Let’s swim to the moon, uh huh Let’s climb through the tide, Penetrate the evenin’ that the City sleeps to hide’ drifts out into the excited ears of Ray who immediately exclaimed ‘Wow, those are the greatest lyrics I’ve ever heard for a rock n roll song.’…the rest as they say…..

Despite its relevance to the bands inception, ‘Moonlight Drive’ didn’t appear until The Doors second album, ‘Strange Days.’  What a corker of a song though!

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