SONG OF THE DAY Other Lives – For 12

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There is a gentle flow to this song that could almost rock you to sleep, or better still, send you galloping into a darkened, mysterious wilderness that envelops and swallows you whole.

Either way, the sense of escapism that soars vibrantly through this track is tangible and I can’t help but find it’s free-flowing nature so very irresistible and enticing.  The contrast of dreamy acoustics, trickling piano, and loping rhythms gives depth to the unfolding layers, whilst strings soar high and then low, swooping and scooping, haunting and transcendental.

Oklahoma quintet Other Lives released their second album ‘Tamer Animals’ in 2011 and this is where today’s song, ‘For 12’ appears; this KEXP live version is particularly nice – and if you want to see another great live performance, take a look at ‘Easy Way Out’..

More on their website here

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