SONG OF THE DAY Pokey LaFarge & The South City Three – Hard Times Come And Go

866657-aa34806e-a354-11e3-ba3c-257e5cae2633This is an artist who has been around since 2006 so I shall spare you too much detail in case you’re like ‘Yeah, I know who Pokey LaFarge is,’ I didn’t until tonight! This one escaped my radar unfortunately, but when I heard one of his songs on radio show earlier it brought a big beaming smile to my face.

Just like C.W Stoneking and Nick Waterhouse, Pokey LaFarge makes music that captures, redefines and recreates an old American roots sound.  It’s authentic and inspired but also created with a unique and individual edge; old styles, new sounds.

LaFarge taps into Western swing, Twenties jazz, country blues and ragtime with such an abundunce of energy that it’s clear to see, hear and feel the passion and flair he has for this music.  It’s all about his origins too, this element has played a big part in his creations and LaFarge himself has stated, “The people playing on these songs are from Wisconsin and Illinois and Chicago and St. Louis, and there’s a certain attitude that comes across in the songs and the way that they’re performed.  I’m born and raised in the Midwest, and my family’s been here for generations.  This is where I’m from and how I think, and that’s reflected in the music I make.”

Today’s song is titled ‘Hard Times Come And Go’ which features on the 2010 album ‘Riverboat Soul.’  This was the first record LaFarge made with The South City Three and was recorded in July 2009 in Nashville over a 3-day period using a great mix of vintage instruments and microphones.

Discover more on his webpage here

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