SONG OF THE DAY Kelsey Lu – Morning After Coffee

Screenshot-328-640x360 (1)Well Kelsey Lu, I’m not sure who you are but you’ve got a pretty amazing thing going on here…(this is where I now dart off to find info)……

Right, I’m back and a few listens later I am utterly captivated!  This is music to get really excited by and the best thing about this song (which I will introduce in a minute), is it’s utterly stripped-back and natural flow, it exudes so much with so little.  One beautifully controlled voice, one Cello and a whole lot of soulful feeling, it’s simply exquisite.

So the track is called ‘Morning after Coffee’ and is performed by Kelsey Lu who is a Brooklyn-based, classically trained cellist from North Carolina.  At the beginning of this month she released her first music video which accompanied this fantastic track and the visuals, I’m sure you would agree, are as stunning as the song itself.  Directed by filmmaker, photographer and Visual artist Leslie Satterfield and set amidst the natural beauty of woodland and reflective streams, Kelsey Lu moves as freely as a branch in the wind as she dances, her limbs smooth and flowing.  I am definitely going to keep my eyes and ears on Kelsey Lu, she is definitely one to watch…

….and it just keeps on getting better because this track is currently available as a free download from Lu’s Soundcloud page here




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