SONG OF THE DAY Cross Record – Steady Waves

IMG_5160Now I’ve got to be honest, I wasn’t immediately overwhelmed by this track, not for any particular reason but it just took a couple of listens to get there; but now it’s sunk in and crawling about under the skin, it’s definitely going nowhere.  What also pleases me is that this isn’t the only track doing it for me, I’ve spent the whole evening getting familiar with Cross Record and I’ve really got into this.

Cross Record, real name Emily Cross is an artist, musician, and photographer who works together with her husband Dan Duszynski to write, record and produce what has been described as ‘darkly atmospheric night-time rock’.  Originally from Chicago the couple relocated to a ranch in Texas after getting married and have just released their second album ‘Wabi-Sabi.’

Greatly inspired the environment Cross describes how,  “I’m very influenced by my surroundings and the natural world, the landscape here has definitely inspired me. I’ve traveled a lot and I’ve lived in a lot of places. I think every experience molds us, right?”

But living in Texas also has its drawbacks it would seem, with unwelcome visits from Scorpions something that the couple now have to deal with as Cross also describes: “We have quite a few scorpions out here in Texas. It’s an image that sticks to making the record here in this new environment – I’m definitely not used to having scorpions around, that’s for sure. Me and Dan [Duszynski, husband] are both Scorpios too – we both joke around about being like them!”  On a positive note, however, these unwanted guests were happy enough to pose for the cover art on the album, all of which was photographed by Cross herself! See picture to your right!a0868370016_16

The albums lead single is titled ‘Steady Waves’ and flows on the scorpion theme with an unpredicted ‘sting in its tail.’  Halfway through the gentle calm of delicate acoustic picking comes a surge of distorted guitar as the song takes on a completely unexpected feel, it’s a great feature!  Listen above.

Wabi-Sabi is out now via Ba Da Bing, it’s definitely worth checking out and follows 2013 debut long-player Be Good. Give it a listen here and buy your copy here

Memorable tracks: ‘High Rise,’ ‘Something Unseen Touches A Flower’ and ‘Steady Waves.’

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