SONG OF THE DAY Atlas Lab – Wake Up Slow

12279096_901611776590061_1639622306995874584_nBoston band Atlas Lab released their debut EP ‘Wake Up Slow’ this January and after listening to its five fruitful tracks back to back, I have to say that I’ll definitely be going back for more.

Described as a band that specialise in soulful psychedelic folk, Atlas lab are a diverse collective who are not afraid of a little experimentation, fusing both male and female lead vocals together with an interesting blend electronic and acoustic instrumentation.

Female singer Solei, (previously of Goldbloc – see 21st November on my blog page here), provides soulful lead vocals that are rich in tone, instantly recognisable and hard to forget once heard, give this EP a listen and you will see what I mean.

Today’s song is the title track off Atlas Lab’s official debut, it’s also a great opening song with a nice plucked acoustic intro that rises out of the silence, its delicate folksy melody soon joined by the echoing line ‘Wake Up Slow’.  As the song gently builds, the layers gather and vocal harmonies combine with accumulating rhythms and a gentle pace that unfolds with a natural flow.  Listen above.

Wake Up Slow is available now via Cllctive  – ‘Trust Fall’ and ‘Castellana’ definitely being stand out songs for me.

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