SONG OF THE DAY Higher Authorities – Colour

cover170x170I’ve been trying to work out what this music reminds me of but I haven’t got there yet, so I’ll just share it for now and ponder this one in my own time!

There are definitely a parts of this track that remind of garage rock greats The Seeds, which is always a good thing; not to mention the keyboard break that first appears about a minute in (and repeats throughout), this stopped me in my tracks as I was half expecting the ‘Alabama Song’ to kick in!

This song certainly has it all if you are into a little bit of electro psychedelic dub!  Driven by a dark and edgy organ melody this authentic acid rock trip rides along on an electronic hypnotic beat whilst dreamy vocals add to the rainbow tinged soundscape.

So who is behind this great kaleidoscopic sound?  The band are called Higher Authorities and the track is titled ‘Colour’ and is the first song to be shared from their debut album ‘Neptune’.  Due on April 20th via Domino Recordings this lo-fi release was produced by the band with the help of legendary producer Adrian Sherwood (who also supplied his mad box of sound effects!).

The release date has relevance too, as Domino explain on their site: “4/20, a day of huge significance in cannabis culture – is no coincidence. Neptune is proper head music, an old-fashioned headphones album where the devil is in the lo-fi details”.

Visually the albums artwork also has symbolic significance as Higher Authorities explains how: “..the pineapples on the album artwork possibly refer to Liverpool’s wealthy merchant’s houses who had pineapples on the gateposts. One of the pineapples is smoking, it all ties in”. 

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  1. Tim says:

    Timmy Thomas Vs naked lunch. I like it.

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