I’m really liking this song for it marries together two opposite ends of a musical spectrum and does it marvelously.  Combining the soft textures of hushed vocals and a delicately plucked acoustic guitar, this is a place where contemporary electronica mingles amidst these layers and the result, in all its intense glory, is an authentic melodic folk-tronic fusion.

The artist behind this track is Adelaide-born, Berlin-based electronic musician, Kyson, aka Jian Kellet Liew.  Composing and producing all that he creates, this young musician cites: “distance between friends, family and loved-ones; images viewed through the lens of an old camera; the sound of a bargain bin record bought in some far-flung corner of our ever-shrinking globe” as his inspirations and motivations behind songwriting.

Reflective tendencies and the desire to share the sights and sounds of his travelling experiences are also a driving influence behind Kyson’s writing, his songs experimenting with contrast albeit lyrical or instrumental.

This Spring sees the release of Kyson’s second album and follow-up to his 2013 debut ‘The Water’s Way,’ also released via L.A label Friends of Friends Music.  Composed entirely by Kyson,  ‘A Book Of Flying’ moves away from the dancefloor-orientated sound of his debut into a more contemplative and heartfelt realm, whilst still incorporating elements of electronica.

‘You’ is the First single taken from Kyson’s sophomore album – Listen above.

Available from April 1, ‘A Book Of Flying’ can be pre-ordered from Kyson’s Bandcamp page here

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