SONG OF THE DAY Marissa Nadler – Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings

marissa-nadler-hollywood-forever-cemetery-sings-father-john-mistyI do love a good cover especially when it succeeds in capturing different elements to the original whilst keeping a firm grip on the sentiment; Marissa Nadler has done just with her version of Father John Misty’s ‘Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings.’

Originally recorded by the Bella Union label-mates in 2014 as a limited-edition split 7″ single, the flip side featured Father John Misty covering Marissa Nadler’s ‘Drive.’            Issued as a white label release and with no designated A/B-sides, Bella Union described the single as a “one-off vinyl pressing has no A-side, and therefore no B–side, it is equitable and without prejudice”.

Giving the song a completely new sound, this rendition has been completely stripped down with delicate vocals and an understated guitar replacing Father John Misty’s upbeat fast pace…but the intensity remains.  Listen above.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean…some covers can be something else! We have tried our hand at a cover of Adele’s song ‘Hello’…again, pretty different from the original (and a very raw recording). If you’re interested give it a listen to and see what you think.


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