SONG OF THE DAY Elephant Stone – Where I’m Going

12485823_10153561043729145_2641798385130602143_oThe best way that I can describe this song is to compare it to being on a long journey in a car, you will find some of it exceptional and thoroughly absorbing, whilst other parts are just a means of getting you to the good bits.  This song has more twists and turns in it that Mr Tickles arms and despite the sections I didn’t take too as much, it has still succeeded in intriguing me!

I like the dramatic, edgy intro and the way this cuts off momentarily to allow the vocals to glide in; it’s a smooth sail on a choppy sea with waves of rhythm surging you forward, there is a lot to float your boat here!  So, as I continue to bop along to the catchy melody, softened by gleaming vocals, along comes a part that I’m not so sure about.  The song takes a turn in the middle, about 2 minutes in and the pop element gets a little bit too much for me to bear, I’m twitching a bit but still clinging on.  Luckily this blip is just the middle part which I accept is a natural progression for a tried and tested song structure and am once more happy when it reverts back to the original melody.

Elephant Stone are a Canadian Indie psych-rock band that generate a sound comprising Western psychedelia with traditional Indian music, incorporating the sitar, table and dilruba into their music.  Frontman Rishi Dhir, who has been a frequently outsourced sitar player for various bands for years, has also recorded and toured with the like of Brian Jonestown Massacre and the Horrors before venturing out on his own in 2009, playing both the bass, sitar as well and lead vocals.

Interestingly the band name Elephant Stone band name is a reference to both the song by the Stone Roses and an actual stone that Rishi Dhir owns: a statue of the Hindu god of new beginnings, Ganesh.  Dhir has described his band’s sound as, (and this will make you chuckle), ‘Hindie rock!’…love it!

Elephant Stone are due to release their fourth album ‘Ship of Fools’ sometime this year.  Today’s song is the second single from this upcoming LP, released on the 5th of this month and titled ‘Where I’m Going,’ it’s a good listen, check it out above.

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