SONG OF THE DAY Benedict Benjamin – Thin Skin

benedict-benjaminSo, I’m getting right excited about seeing Benedict Benjamin tonight!  I have no doubt that he will be well worth the 3 hour round trip and anticipate my ears are in for a right treat, in fact I am certain that they will be!

I first covered Benedict at the beginning of the month when he released his second single ‘My Feet Have No Need for the Ground,’ read all about that song on my page here.  Today’s track is a live version of his debut single ‘Thin Skin,’ which was recorded in London last year and released two months later in November.

Benedict explains how: ”Thin Skin’ is basically about me wishing I was a bit less of a dick than I am and generally about that gap that exists between who want to be and who know you are. It’s specifically about being a sensitive person that appreciates and values honesty but who isn’t always able to muster a civilised response to the hearing of it. The song’s sort of an apology to those who’ve pointed out truths to me who I’ve made feel unwelcome.”

I think we have all been in that ‘I wish I wasn’t such a dick’ place before, I know I have so I certainly have no trouble relating to this song and even if you can’t, I dare say you will enjoy it anyway!  Listen above.

Catch Benedict Benjamin tonight in London at Stereo 92 (first full band show!)

‘Night Songs’ is released on 25 March 2016 via Sugarcoat Records and can be pre-ordered from here


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