SONG OF THE DAY Kevin Morby – Harlem River

kevin-morby-cmjLast month I featured the music of Greek producer Moderator and a new song from his latest album called ‘Harlem River.’  If I had realised then where the original sample for this song came from, I would have discovered Kevin Morby a whole month earlier.

Best known for his work with Brooklyn bands the Babies and Woods, Kevin Morby has spent the last three years recording his solo material and is due to release a third album in April this year.  New single from this album, ‘I Have Been To The Mountain’ was to be my first encounter with this young singer/songwriter and I took to it immediately, my appreciation deepening after I discovered the story behind it, (check out this song on my page here).

After this initial discovery I set about listening to a whole lot more of this Morby’s music and it wasn’t long before I found the title track off his debut album, ‘Harlem River;’ and then the exciting moment of revelation hit me, this is where Moderator’s sample came from!  I love it when things piece randomly together like that and couldn’t wait to share this really lovely song today! Listen above.

I’m still working my way through his first two albums but can definitely detect hints of Bob Dylan nestled between these jangly folk-based melodies, an old sound in a young singer; but what I really love is just how easy I find it to listen and connect to this music.

New album ‘Singing Saw’ is due out on April 5th via new label Dead Oceans. Find today’s song on his debut album here. 



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