SONG OF THE DAY Jesse Mac Cormack – After The Glow

unnamed_42I was just reading a review about Jesse Mac Cormack and it had suggested that “his slow-paced, textured artistry seems to really get under your skin,” naturally I had to take the challenge to find out if this could be true.

Jesse Mac Cormack is a Canadian songwriter who rides alone at the helm of his songwriting journey, responsible for every element of his creations, he writes and records all of his music.  So far he is going down a treat in his native city of Montreal and looks set to broaden his horizons with the release of his new album which came out on the 10th of this month via Montreal’s very own Secret City Records.

Title track ‘After The Glow’ certainly has a degree of intensity about it which could quite easily burrow its way into the epidermis without you even realising. Driven by a stark slow-paced rhythm, the dreamy melody has a smooth, soothing quality about it which doesn’t reach out and grab your attention, it kind of coaxes it in.



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