SONG OF THE DAY Me and My Drummer – Blue Splinter View

meandmydrummer_by-sashberg_04_1024_731If you like a song with an unexpected twist then look no further for Berlin-based duo Me and My Drummer have just the thing.  Returning after a three-year break Charlotte Brandi and Matze Pröllochs have just released a new album ‘Love Is A Fridge’ with first single ‘Blue Splinter View’ paving its way.

‘Blue Splinter View’ opens on a very dreamy laid back note, it’s swaying rhythm mingling smoothly with a soothing guitar melody before Charlotte Brandi’s soft crooning vocals glide gracefully in.  Gentle and alluring Brandi’s vocals are siren-like, drawing you in with a calming verse before sending you crashing into an explosive chorus; you really don’t see that one coming.  This song is an invigorating hit in the face,  inspired by the turbulent nature of break-ups as the band explains:

“A girl just broke up with her beloved mate, not because they don’t love each other anymore, but because their love has transformed more into an asexual brother/sister relationship and could not keep up with the desires of the two kids,” the band says.

“It’s a song about spinning around your own axis in space.”

“Blue Splinter View” appears on Love Is A Fridge, which is now available via Sinnbus.


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