SONG OF THE DAY Blocktreat – Hinterland Steez

0006679003_10When the world won’t leave you alone and all you want is a little peace, find your way out of the madness with a little bit of Blocktreat and his great new song, ‘Hinterland Steez’!

It’s working for me, one set of headphones, lots of closed doors and a dusk-filled room, this has ticked all the boxes I need for immediate satisfaction, now I press play and away I go….

Carried by the continual flow of a sweet sounding melody, a heady rhythm and the odd rattle of a shaker, ‘Hinterland Steez’ unravels in a captivating amalgamation of intermittent beats, one looping guitar and a scattering of tuneful vocal clips, all of which unfold in some very cool, smooth layers.

Vancouver-producer Brandon Hoffman, aka Blocktreat, is due to release a new album next month titled ‘Exciting New Ventures in Fucking Up’….if only all of my fuck ups were this exciting!

Pre order your copy from his Bandcamp page here




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