SONG OF THE DAY Mal Devisa – In My Neighborhood

a3629429088_10What a voice! What a diverse and soulful voice, and what a pleasure it is to hear its power utilised in so many different ways.

Mal Devisa, aka Northampton, M.A’s Dejar Carr, is a multi-instrumentalist and poet whose vocals have the power and range to glide effortlessly from angelic lows to intense highs, all in the blink of an eye.  This unique ability not only adds extreme depth and dimension to her sound but also broadens the horizons of her musical scope, allowing influences such as hip-hop, funk and Jazz to roam freely through asserted rap and soulful croons, albeit spoken, screamed or rhythmically expelled.

It’s has been a pleasure to work my way through ‘Kild,’Mal Devisa’s first album,  (She’s previously released two EPs, which were recently compiled onto a tape with a few other new tracks.)  No two songs are the same but each and every one has the same potent power to stand out and hit hard, ‘Kild’ has definitely struck gold on my first impression gauge!

What also impresses is the fact that Mal Devisa is primarily a solo performer and has built her reputation through live performances alone with nothing but her voice, a bass and a looping machine to accompany her; her creations a collection of individual improvisations.  Lyrically her music ponders issues such as self-acceptance, displacement, isolation and attitudes towards race and gender, whilst musically her sound reflects the highs and lows of her lyrical woes.

Today’s song titled ‘Neighborhood’ and packs a powerful punch with its heavy, bass-driven melody and strong layered vocal dynamic.  It was a tough call picking a song from this great collection but this is definitely one of many that stood out! Listen above.

‘Kild’ which was released on March 1st and can be found here.


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