SONG OF THE DAY Pedar – Candyman

0001871265_10I have just heard the most fantastic song, so exceptional in fact that I just had to own it right away!  I excitedly went to purchase and then discovered that I cannot get hold of it until the end of the month when the album is released, what a bugger!  It’s ok though, there’s a back catalogue to check out in the meantime and I have already purchased previous album, ‘And He Just Pointed To The Sky,’ it’s really all grand!

Peder is a Danish producer who started out as a scratch D.J and household remixer for the Beastie Boys, but now he goes it alone and creates what has been perfectly described as ‘dusty 50’s prom music.’  Also a composer, his work has been used for film and TV including the great Breaking Bad.

Pedar has been releasing music as a solo artist for the last three years with latest album ‘Come With Me Original’ due April 1st.

The track I heard played today features on his new album and is called ‘Watch Me Burn,’ it’s a gem of a song with a fantastic stand-out quality about it, I do urge you to check it out for yourself, it’s so definitely worth a listen!

Equally as ear-pleasuring is ‘Candyman,’ this is available to stream/buy right now and also appears on this latest offering.   This song has definitely tangled me into its hazy dream-like thread…  Listen above.

‘Come With Me Original’ is due on April 1.  The artwork is awesome and you can Pre-order your copy here


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